Meet the Team: Jacques Pienaar | Graphic Designer

Witty with only a dash of seriousness, Jacques has managed to make his name as the guy who will get it done. As a small team, we all wear different hats, but thanks to his determination, especially around things he is passionate about, he has managed to adopt the occasional role of internal event organiser, human birthday reminder, and even PowerPoint guru (although he won’t be putting that on his CV). Jacques has been a part of the team since November 2017. He is a perfectionist in his work and is always ready to drop a ‘swamp wobbly’ mid-conversation. We asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say:

What do you do at Quazar?
Alongside my fellow designers I do all things design and creative. From brand conceptualising to funky PowerPoint presentations. But, shhhh, don’t say the latter too loud…

What is your favourite thing about your career?
Being creative and in the process enriching and uplifting the companies we work with. As well as seeing our work come to life and become tangible. Extremely rewarding!

Where do you originally come from and where do you stay now?
I was born in a small town in the Free State called Kroonstad – or as the Englishman would call it, ‘Crown Town’. Soon after my first birthday, we moved down to Bloemfontein, lived there for the majority of my life, and moved to Cape Town exactly three years ago to settle in ‘The Valley’, aka Noordhoek.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Wow, that’s a tough one. I guess anywhere along the coast, right on the beach, where there are proper, consistent waves to surf.

What is your favourite vacation?
Pretty much anywhere if my wife and family are right there with me – I’m happy.

What would you change about yourself if you could?
To be more patient.

What motivates you to work hard?
Reward would probably take first place but not the sole reason. Being able to push my limits motivates me to do better and progress.

Who is your hero?
I don’t really have one specific ‘hero’ but have a few people in my life to whom I look up to that inspire me.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
I think my proudest accomplishment would be that, from a young age, I’ve decided that my past will never define me. It’s something I can’t do on my own, of course, and therefore I hold fast to my Christain faith that still guides me as I go.

What is your favourite book to read?
Well, as a kid I loved reading R.L Stein’s short stories, Goosebumps. But as I grew up my interests shifted and so I pushed reading right to the back of the queue. During the lockdown, I took up reading and I’m loving it again! I’m currently reading the series, “The Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan. It’s brilliant. And Amazon’s shooting a series on these books as we speak; airing in 2021.

Who is your favourite author?
Since I only started ready again recently, I love the way Robert Jordan writes. Really enjoying the depth and creativity. 

What makes you laugh the most? 

I’m a bit of a masochist – do with it what you want. But what really makes me laugh is wittiness. When someone’s not trying too hard to be funny. It really takes a lot to make me laugh out loud though but if you do, kudos to you. 

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be? 

I would want to do all the things I love which would look something like this: a five-hour morning surf; then head out to a recording studio where I’ll smash it out on the drums with whichever band; visit a wine farm afterwards with my wife and friends; and end the day off, as the sun sets, watching a live performance by John Mayer on a boat cruise. Let’s go!

What is your favourite game or sport to watch and play?
I love watching cricket, rugby, UFC, surfing, Olympics, golf, you name it. Playing on the other hand… I’m really getting into surfing now(Can you tell?) It’s loads of fun and not too difficult to ‘find your feet’ inOther than that, I enjoy playing any sort of sports: played cricket and rugby in junior/primary school as well as socially. Also, tackled quite an array of sports post-school years, like rock climbing, skateboarding, squash, touch rugby, ultimate frisbee, golf, ag the list is pretty long. Point is, I love sports!

What would you sing at Karaoke night?
“Dirty Little Secret” from the All American Rejects.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Steak without a doubt. Steak with veggies, salad and baby potatoes.