Our Role

Quazar’s intensive audit and research process across all brands in the Mohinani Group resulted in strategic advice and implementation of:
- Marketing strategy and communications plan, both internal and external
- Product development plan
- Dealer development program
- Staff development program
- External CSR campaign and management

In addition to Quazar’s extensive work with Polytank on developing their strategic sales and marketing objectives, we embarked on a CSR journey with Polytank, developing a countrywide recycling competition campaign aimed at school children.

The CSR campaign “Celebrating Our Past, Inspiring The Future” formed part of the Group’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and allowed the company to give back to their community, through education and exciting opportunities for young children. Social media formed a crucial part of this campaign, both in educating the youth of the importance of recycling for our environment and showcasing the environmental fairs and success of the school competition. We developed and implemented a messaging strategy across multiple social media platforms as well as developing impactful creative based around Eco-Man, the hero character we created to represent the campaign.The campaign reached thousands and directly educated over 4000 school children on the importance of recycling

Who is Polytank?

The largest and leading manufacturer plastic water storage tanks in Ghana. ​


Strategy / Brand / Design / Communication / Website Development

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