Q. How do we strategically rethink what diversification really means?

We have built a strong relationship within the Liberty Group, specifically when it comes to positioning communications for their intermediary stakeholders. We know how to talk to advisers and what makes them tick.  


Our work spans various parts of the business, both on the investment and risk side, but when it came to repositioning investments on a wider scale than just South Africa, we led a strategic rethink of what diversification truly means. 

From the motivation of using global instead of offshore, through the big, creative idea of how to position global investments to firstly advisers, and then their clients, Quazar drove the campaign to fruition and the implementation of a messaging tier within Liberty Investments of Going Global, Together. 


The campaign speaks to the client-centric and advice-led philosophy and the heart of what Liberty does, partnering with clients so that they can achieve their goals and live their best lives. 

We did the following:

 Developed new brand assets to bring Going Global, Together to life. 

Created content and designs that hold its space as unique and recognisable, but still ring true Liberty within their CI. 

Rolled out a communication campaign with brochures, webinars, collateral and communication touchpoints that bring bigger global investment topics to the table. 

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