Q. How do we deliver trusted voter education messaging to Zimbabwe’s citizens?

The Go Zim campaign was devised to provide a core, trustworthy source of voter education messaging for Zimbabwean citizens, whether local or in the diaspora. 

Voters face several challenges in exercising their civic right to vote which the campaign aimed to address.


The brand identity was developed after extensive in-country research across various demographics, looking at multiple iterations of the brand identity: Go Zim was the preferred identity. 

The core message was based on the concept of “register: verify : vote” with the relevant education around these three phases of civic education. We focused on 3 main audience demographics for the duration of the campaign, namely women, youth and the diaspora, with adapted messaging for each sector.


Despite our focused attention on these groups, the majority of engagement on social media in particular, still came from men. This is likely reflective of the situation on the ground, where more men than women have access to social media, as well as prevailing cultural considerations which affect women’s participation in the political sphere. 

Digital engagement online was bolstered by several in person activations among the diaspora community in SA, which ultimately reached over 800 individuals. Social media proved to be the winning engagement channel:

Facebook: +2 million impressions

Twitter: +500k impressions

Radio ads ran throughout the duration of the campaign, garnering 14 million impressions. 

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