Q. How do we strategically rethink what diversification really means?

We have built a strong relationship within the Liberty Group, specifically when it comes to positioning communications for their intermediary stakeholders. We know how to talk to advisers and what makes them tick.  


Our work spans various parts of the business, both on the investment and risk side, but when it came to repositioning investments on a wider scale than just South Africa, we led a strategic rethink of what diversification truly means. 

From the motivation of using global instead of offshore, through the big, creative idea of how to position global investments to firstly advisers, and then their clients, Quazar drove the campaign to fruition and the implementation of a messaging tier within Liberty Investments of Going Global, Together. 


The campaign speaks to the client-centric and advice-led philosophy and the heart of what Liberty does, partnering with clients so that they can achieve their goals and live their best lives. 

We did the following:

 Developed new brand assets to bring Going Global, Together to life. 

Created content and designs that hold its space as unique and recognisable, but still ring true Liberty within their CI. 

Rolled out a communication campaign with brochures, webinars, collateral and communication touchpoints that bring bigger global investment topics to the table. 

Poly Tank

Q. How to reverse a falling market share for this one-time monopolist in manufacture and supply of Roto moulded water tanks in Ghana?


We assessed the business from manufacturing to supply to distribution to highlight areas for immediate wins and for long-term market penetration. We tied manufacturing to sales rates to reduce stock holding of slow selling products and created offers for slow moving items to provide liquidity. Created a complete dealer agreement to leverage on the existing countrywide distribution network to ensure brand standards were raised and stock held/impressed at retailers rather than centrally with the manufacturer. Focused communications around ‘make sure it’s a Polytank’ given that Polytank is a category definer.


Relaunched Polytank as the premier supplier of water tanks in Ghana and re-focused the relationship between retailers and Manufacturer for the common benefit of both.

Ubora Group

Q. We are invested in a group of industrial companies and now we want to pull them into one unit with the view of building a leading black female owned industrials group. What should its brand be and what are our values?


Audit and research across all investee companies to determine the golden thread that attracted the investors initially.


Uniquely positioned black women owned industrial group with a strong set of values and a vision that clearly defines the impact they want to make in the market.


We have played an integral part in the strategic development of the INN8 brand. After months of in-depth research to determine the brand strategy and name, we then rolled out the entire identity across all elements: print and digital. 

Now, as their in-house marketing team we manage all internal and external campaigns, content creation across all mediums, event management, strategic business decisions and production.

Toggle through some of what we have done.

Q. We are launching a new investment platform to IFAs – what brand should we go to market as?

The client, a part of one of South Africa’s largest financial institutions, realised that it was not the investment platform of choice for independent financial advisers in South Africa. In an effort to address this valuable market and to future-proof their business, our client built a new investment platform that would better serve the IFA market. With this platform they needed to gain clarity and certainty on the appropriate brand and positioning to penetrate a highly competitive market and grow market share quickly. 


We undertook a comprehensive global and local audit and research programme, talking to current users of the brand as well as the target market IFAs. We looked at global trends and analysed behaviour across three markets. We spoke to competitors, partners, and staff, and then we made a recommendation.

We created a new, independent brand focused only on serving the IFA – a partner in their corner with no agenda other than to enable and facilitate their growth which would ultimately result in the platform growth.


INN8, a fintech investment platform brand with a purpose to “change the way investments are done in South Africa” and eventually evolving into “The Adviser’s Partner”.

We created the brand, developed its narrative and launched it into a very competitive market. 

To this day, we’re still punching above our weight and getting above-industry average engagement across all our touch points.


Q. How to create a brand for a mining project that will lead to funding opportunities?


Client was launching an entirely new mining project and needed a brand that would capture the imagination of investors and open the doors to funding opportunities. Quazar embarked on a brand development exercise which involved and audit and research phase and logo and primary identity development which was extended to all stationery and marketing collateral as well as website design and development.


A successful brand launch leading to further funding opportunities for the client. 


Q: How do you build a new brand and stand apart from your competitors in a busy automotive industry? 


Quazar worked on the business strategy and marketing strategy for Dryve. Intense audit and research was conducted, which saw us develop the name, brand identity and extend to all collateral, as well as define a clear route to market. Our digital team also built the application/system.


The Dryve plan is an alternative motor servicing plan that helps you budget with ease for future vehicle expenses. The product was a huge success in the market and gained traction across the field

Bijou Homes

Q. How do you create a brand for a community development to appeal to young professionals?


GHL Ghana Homeloans, a longstanding client of Quazar, wished to launch a new community housing development  in Appolonia City, Ghana. The development  offered 1 and 2 bedroom (expandable to 3) multi-functional, modern homes for young professionals and growing families. Quazar developed the identity, extended to all stationery, billboards, signage, social media strategy, creative and communications, as well as conceptualised an internal campaign for GHL staff, and external advertising campaign to the public. 


The successful external campaign resulted in 94% of the properties being reserved within the first few months of launch.


Q. How do we deliver trusted voter education messaging to Zimbabwe’s citizens?

The Go Zim campaign was devised to provide a core, trustworthy source of voter education messaging for Zimbabwean citizens, whether local or in the diaspora. 

Voters face several challenges in exercising their civic right to vote which the campaign aimed to address.


The brand identity was developed after extensive in-country research across various demographics, looking at multiple iterations of the brand identity: Go Zim was the preferred identity. 

The core message was based on the concept of “register: verify : vote” with the relevant education around these three phases of civic education. We focused on 3 main audience demographics for the duration of the campaign, namely women, youth and the diaspora, with adapted messaging for each sector.


Despite our focused attention on these groups, the majority of engagement on social media in particular, still came from men. This is likely reflective of the situation on the ground, where more men than women have access to social media, as well as prevailing cultural considerations which affect women’s participation in the political sphere. 

Digital engagement online was bolstered by several in person activations among the diaspora community in SA, which ultimately reached over 800 individuals. Social media proved to be the winning engagement channel:

Facebook: +2 million impressions

Twitter: +500k impressions

Radio ads ran throughout the duration of the campaign, garnering 14 million impressions. 

UT Bank

Our Role

We developed the UT Bank brand and extended the identity through all stationery elements and marketing collateral, both ATL and BTL. We conceptualised and designed product campaigns, marketing campaigns and internal campaigns.

Who is UT Bank?

UT Bank Ghana Limited, commonly known as UT Bank (UTB), was a commercial bank in Ghana.

What we did

Brand / Strategy / Design

Torq Lubricants

Q: How to bring client’s vision for their lubricant brand to life?


Torq wanted to create a brand which would stand out in the industry, not only in look and feel but in the professional product and service they deliver. This project saw us utilising all aspects of our unique Quazar process.


The project consisted of an audit and research, name development, brand identity development which extended to all stationery, external and internal signage and uniforms, product/label designs.