Q. How to refresh an established, well-loved financial services brand?


Quazar worked on the primary brand development and execution to primary elements. We worked on the proposition narrative where we defined the proposition and target market definition. Alongside this we worked on the website design and development of the user journeys and wireframes. Quazar also worked on the go-to-market strategy and plan. We conducted a Vision and Values workshop in the UK with Senior executives.


The interactive sessions resulted in collectively defining Credo’s vision and values, and reinvented the brand, executing through all their channels and elements. 


Q. How to refresh an international brand across inter-continental audiences?


Quazar worked on the CSL rebrand, corporate identity and website design.  


The new brand was executed across various elements, and was followed by the design and build of the CSL Pay website.

Finance Africa

Q. How to position a niche player in the financial services market?


Quazar worked on the brand development for Finance Africa – we conducted an audit and research process, which saw us conducting KPI’s, doing a competitive and benchmark audit, environmental and collateral review, business and product strategy document review and client interviews,


The research set the scene for brand development and execution of the brand to primary elements. We also worked on a go-to-market strategy and plan and a social media plan.

INN8 Literature Hub

Literature Hub

Q. How can we create a space for advisers using the secure investment platform to access all documentation and collateral about INN8 products and processes?


A document repository accessible from the investment platform, easily managed and updated without the need for developer input.

The repository is seamlessly integrated into the secure investment platform with the same user experience, fast and easy to update with reliable version control.

INN8 DFM Adviser Portal

Q. How can advisers using DFM solutions access all their investment information in one place?


Advisers need to see how solutions compare, and rate the performance as against other funds, and be able to share that with their clients.

Advisers need to demonstrate to their client real-time what the effect is on changing their financial plan and either adding or removing their investments over time

Advisers need to be able to sign their clients up to use the DFM electronically with no paperwork.

Advisers need reporting on their clients and their business as it relates to their investment portfolios.


An integrated digital experience that delivers advisers the detailed insight and support they need to advice their clients on their investment portfolios real-time and on demand, with comprehensive reporting.

Living Green Walls

Q. Client has a storyboard vision for their new website – how can we implement?


The client provided the copy based on a storyboard script as well as the user journeys for  predefined sectors, as well as the site wire frame. Client approached us to design and build their website with a clearer message and process for people to follow in order to make an easy purchase.
The site needed to be simple, clear and guide the user through the process to get them to purchase their services.


Quazar brought the site to life through our creative execution and web build.


Q. How to deliver a highly secure functional experience seamlessly?


As part of a brand refresh which we also delivered, client required a new website: secure, functional and seamlessly integrated into third party systems.


We designed the user journeys and brand experience, and built the site based on particularly technical client requirements.


Q. How do we strategically rethink what diversification really means?

We have built a strong relationship within the Liberty Group, specifically when it comes to positioning communications for their intermediary stakeholders. We know how to talk to advisers and what makes them tick.  


Our work spans various parts of the business, both on the investment and risk side, but when it came to repositioning investments on a wider scale than just South Africa, we led a strategic rethink of what diversification truly means. 

From the motivation of using global instead of offshore, through the big, creative idea of how to position global investments to firstly advisers, and then their clients, Quazar drove the campaign to fruition and the implementation of a messaging tier within Liberty Investments of Going Global, Together. 


The campaign speaks to the client-centric and advice-led philosophy and the heart of what Liberty does, partnering with clients so that they can achieve their goals and live their best lives. 

We did the following:

 Developed new brand assets to bring Going Global, Together to life. 

Created content and designs that hold its space as unique and recognisable, but still ring true Liberty within their CI. 

Rolled out a communication campaign with brochures, webinars, collateral and communication touchpoints that bring bigger global investment topics to the table. 

Poly Tank

Q. How to reverse a falling market share for this one-time monopolist in manufacture and supply of Roto moulded water tanks in Ghana?


We assessed the business from manufacturing to supply to distribution to highlight areas for immediate wins and for long-term market penetration. We tied manufacturing to sales rates to reduce stock holding of slow selling products and created offers for slow moving items to provide liquidity. Created a complete dealer agreement to leverage on the existing countrywide distribution network to ensure brand standards were raised and stock held/impressed at retailers rather than centrally with the manufacturer. Focused communications around ‘make sure it’s a Polytank’ given that Polytank is a category definer.


Relaunched Polytank as the premier supplier of water tanks in Ghana and re-focused the relationship between retailers and Manufacturer for the common benefit of both.

Ubora Group

Q. We are invested in a group of industrial companies and now we want to pull them into one unit with the view of building a leading black female owned industrials group. What should its brand be and what are our values?


Audit and research across all investee companies to determine the golden thread that attracted the investors initially.


Uniquely positioned black women owned industrial group with a strong set of values and a vision that clearly defines the impact they want to make in the market.