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Quazar joins forces with investment company looking to expand influence in communications sector

A long-standing partnership takes its next steps.

In September, Quazar turned 20. Through the years, Quazar has naturally evolved and now, upon significant growth in both our client base and revenue generation over the past three years, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, an executive decision was made to level up.

Enter ubora.

A black female-owned and female led industrial supply group, ubora was seeking to expand into the brand marketing and digital communication sector and broaden its reach into Africa.

We have long worked with ubora as their brand agency. Now, we are happy to announce that the group has bought a 49% stake in Quazar, making us a fully female-led pan-African strategic brand marketing and communications group out of South Africa.

With this strategic senior partner by our side, we can continue to offer a unique blend of strategy, marketing and out-of-the-box communication that helps brands to find their voice, while expanding the business and strengthening the group board. ubora brings a wealth of big company experience and governance to the board of Quazar.

It also allows ubora to expand into brand marketing and digital communication services and broaden its reach into Africa. ubora invests in sustainable companies that deliver quality in all aspects of their business, whilst ensuring growth and development for its employees, their families and the communities involved. Its investments include, amongst others, Hitachi Energy Ltd and textiles and clothing manufacturer Suzi Products.

Quazar has worked across 52 countries on the African continent, the United States, United Kingdom, and Eastern Europe, spanning industries and projects from oil and voter education to finance and technology. It has wholly owned subsidiaries in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ghana and Nigeria.

“Globally the communications industry is growing and evolving with the intersection of technology, media, marketing and communication. This sector is under-represented by women in Africa and in particular, black women in South Africa. This transaction lays the foundation to change this narrative and to build the next generation of participants and leaders in this sector,” said ubora’s Chief Executive Officer Claire Du Bourg. “The investment enhances our industry diversification and supports our services investment strategy. With the investment support and strategic guidance offered by ubora, Quazar will be in a position to aggressively pursue their pan-African pan-industry growth strategy.”

Says Quazar CEO, Leeanne Cape: “We finally found a ‘big sister’ who can join us on our growth path and us on theirs. We have managed to thrive by creating value for our clients, being flexible and responsive to changing markets, and investing in technology and a broad range of technical skills.

“Now we can further amplify our impact as we create the necessary connections between a business, its brands, its people and its customers through exceptional design and intelligent communication.”

In a world where communication can quickly become noise, we are excited by the future and by being well-positioned to lead the movement of clear, concise, transparent, and focused communication as a strategic tool to affect change. 

“There are very distinct and unique brand voices on the African continent. It’s a dynamic and exciting environment where, for example, pockets of tech innovation are rapidly expanding, and the potential market is substantial for various sectors. There is an urgent need to connect consumers and brands, authentically telling their stories to add value and boost the growth potential of the continent. At Quazar, our delivery promise is to offer work that is insightful, of the highest quality, and always be responsive to our client’s unique needs,” said Leeanne. 

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INN8 white
The client, part of South Africa’s largest financial institution, realised that it was not a platform destination of choice for the IFA market in SA. In an effort to address this valuable market and to futureproof their business they undertook to build a new investment platform. With this platform they needed to gain clarity and certainty on the appropriate brand and positioning to penetrate a highly competitive market and grow market share quickly.
We undertook a comprehensive global and local audit and research program, talking to current users of the brand as well as the target market IFAs. We looked at global trends and analysed behaviour across 3 markets. We spoke to competitors, partners and staff and then we made a recommendation. Created a new independent brand focused only on the IFA. Becoming the one thing an IFA really needed – a partner in their corner with no agenda other than to enable and facilitate their growth which would ultimately result in the platform growth.
INN8 a fintech investment platform brand “Changing the way investments are done in South Africa by becoming “The Adviser’s Partner.” We created the brand and developed its narrative and we launched it into a very tough closed market. To this day, we’re still punching above our weight and getting above industry average engagement across all our touch points.