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Tracy Engelbrecht: Program Director

Although she would prefer to be sitting at the desk in the back corner focusing on the work she is responsible for, you can oftenfind Tracy offering welcomed guidance to anyone with a question.

What do you do at Quazar? 
My title is Program Director: a clever way of saying I have my fingers in lots of pies. Mostly I work on the business of finding better ways to do things.  

What is your favourite thing about your career? 
The way I’ve been able to create my own niche, wherever I land. It’s not been a traditional trajectory: I’ve always ended up doing something different than I was hired for, finding ways to make myself useful.  

What would you change about yourself if you could? 
On balance, nothing. Every perceived “negative” comes with a corresponding positive that makes me who I am. Can’t have one without the other.  

What motivates you to work hard? 
Being helpful. Feeling useful. Making things better. Freedom to learn.  

What is your favourite book to read?
Skallagrigg, by William Horwood. I’ve read it every year for nearly 30 years – it has a special place in my life.

Who is your favourite author?
Terry Pratchett is my first love. Shirley Jackson, Nikolai Gogol, Truman Capote and Oscar Wilde are also on the list.  

What makes you laugh the most?
Either really smart, witty humour or the dumbest, daddest of dad jokes.  

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be? 
Eat, read, sleep, repeat.  

INN8 white
The client, part of South Africa’s largest financial institution, realised that it was not a platform destination of choice for the IFA market in SA. In an effort to address this valuable market and to futureproof their business they undertook to build a new investment platform. With this platform they needed to gain clarity and certainty on the appropriate brand and positioning to penetrate a highly competitive market and grow market share quickly.
We undertook a comprehensive global and local audit and research program, talking to current users of the brand as well as the target market IFAs. We looked at global trends and analysed behaviour across 3 markets. We spoke to competitors, partners and staff and then we made a recommendation. Created a new independent brand focused only on the IFA. Becoming the one thing an IFA really needed – a partner in their corner with no agenda other than to enable and facilitate their growth which would ultimately result in the platform growth.
INN8 a fintech investment platform brand “Changing the way investments are done in South Africa by becoming “The Adviser’s Partner.” We created the brand and developed its narrative and we launched it into a very tough closed market. To this day, we’re still punching above our weight and getting above industry average engagement across all our touch points.