You are a major South African brand. You have weekly retail placements placed in local and major press distributions. Almost every South African consumer has probably either shopped in your store or has at the very least been exposed to your brand. Weekly specials are something to behold. The range of products is immense. The annual turnover must be astounding.

Then you go and listen to either a marketing manager or business development person who has been smoking their socks.

They convince you to produce a TV ad which should be aired post prime time at night, promoting limited product and doing NO favors to your brand continuity.

The production of the ad is shoddy (to say the least). The acting raises the bar on embarrassment. The products being advertised get lost in translation. But hey, it’s exposure!

The question is – are you of the mentality that “well, you remembered the ad so it worked” or would you rather be placing a recruitment ad in the morning to hire someone who would rather spend that extortionate budget on something better placed to enhance your brand.

A costly affair, whichever way you look at it.

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