Taking Africa to the world

Our clients are often leading the charge in African development, and we are always excited to play our part in the continent’s success.

Quazar was engaged to build the first Airport Free Trade Zone in Nigeria, shortly after they acquired their license. We facilitated a 3 day workshop with all stakeholders including financial partners and others, to plan the roadmap for development of the FTZ.

We provided insight into what needed to be delivered and considered along the way. We were involved in the strategic development of the client’s value proposition, the development of their products and services suite and go-to-market strategy. Alongside the business strategy aspect, we created and implemented their brand identity. Building a brand from the ground up as we did here was an exciting prospect and allowed us the chance to shape the future of free trade zones in Africa.

Building a free trade zone in Africa requires ingenuity and creative collaboration. We partnered with IDI, the global specialists in free trade zones, who went on to implement our strategic planning and recommendations

Our clients break new ground every day, and we are proud to be standing alongside them.

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