Defining the product space

Creating new realities Our client, a major retail bank in Nigeria, engaged us to build their new Private Banking product offering. Our industry experience and extensive research aided us in defining what a Private Banking product should be and how our client should deliver Private Banking services. We developed the brand and product strategy in its entirety, building the product proposition from the ground up. We defined the organisational structure of the business, market segmentation and revenue streams. With strategy in place, we built processes for how to service this new market along with executing the new brand and introducing

Selling the story of our clients

Brand strategy is all about the story While Quazar offers a wide variety of services and expertise across a broad range of industries – at our core, what we’re best at is selling the story of our clients to THEIR clients and investors, and even their staff. It’s this key idea we keep in mind no matter what the detail of the project entails. When one of our longstanding clients – a mortgage institution in Ghana – approached us with the idea to become a full service bank, we jumped at the chance to be involved. We had previously created their brand

Engage Your People

Your business is only as good as your people. Engage your people and your business will grow. At Quazar, our human capital team has a very narrow focus. Your people. We derive our greatest joy from helping you build your team. We love nothing more than taking your vision and weaving it into the very fabric of your team.   We engage, we communicate, we develop workplace skills and mentor your senior executives as leaders in their own right. We evolve your team with targeted coaching programs, teaching them new skills where they need them, making connections for them where