A New Paradigm

We have spent a lifetime creating professional sales people schooled in the vagaries of the art of selling, in the belief that customers are ignorant of selling techniques. Perhaps the time has come for a re-think.

Prompted by the Ted Talks of Sir Ken Robinson and his approach to education, I for one am re-thinking our approach to selling and approaching it from a perspective of buying.

Today’s buyers are educated and exposed to a greater volume and a faster delivery of information from tomes to twitter – respect it.

As influencers of retail experience we now need to provide an environment where it is easy to buy rather than where we find it easy to sell. There is a buying process and there is a selling process and the two do meet and are reliant on each other to get to the end result – sales and satisfied customers.

In the world of automotive retailing we need to adjust who does what, when and why? The buying process overlaps with the sales process when the customer engages with the Dealership, at which stage the customer needs information, information about products, features that meet their needs and desires. They don’t need to be sold a deal in the first five minutes.

Selling has become about what we want not what the customer wants and that needs to change – product experts intend to ensure the customer gets the right product and business managers sort out the money side.

A far more enjoyable experience for all. Will it happen? Maybe when the world wakes up to the need for a new paradigm!