Brand strategy is all about the story

While Quazar offers a wide variety of services and expertise across a broad range of industries – at our core, what we’re best at is selling the story of our clients to THEIR clients and investors, and even their staff. It’s this key idea we keep in mind no matter what the detail of the project entails.

When one of our longstanding clients – a mortgage institution in Ghana – approached us with the idea to become a full service bank, we jumped at the chance to be involved. We had previously created their brand for them and were eager to be part of the next step in their evolution.

Rebranding an entire organisation, not just what they look like but also what they DO – is a complex undertaking. We developed and executed a new brand strategy as well as product development and go-to-market strategy. We facilitated the process for acquiring a technology partner, including defining the requirements for a banking technology product which would allow us to position our client as a world class digital financial institution.

Crucially, we developed the investor value proposition, essentially answering the question of potential investors:  “Why should we invest in you?” Keeping potential investors in mind, we devised a strategy for taking the new brand to market. We look forward to seeing the next chapter unfold.