Polytank Quazar spent many months researching the Mohinani Group and the industries they serve. We needed to gain a clear understanding of who they are and what they stand for before we could suggest and implement strategy. [hr]

NFZ We worked with NFZ in defining the strategy for the Free Trade Zone, facilitating an international business strategy workshop to define the business and product offering. [hr]

GHL Quazar most recently worked with GHL during a time of transition for the company, providing strategic and technical advice across the board. [hr]

UT Group Quazar rebranded the company and launched their successful IPO in Ghana in 10 weeks, retaining 86% brand loyalty and ensuring an oversubscription of their IPO raising in excess of $20m in 2008. We created the strategy defining the business direction for acquiring a Bank and converting

Vision >>>> reality Where insight, inspiration and strategy meet, you'll find Quazar. This is where fundamental change starts - inspiring people and organisations to adapt how they think, how they serve and how they create.

Defining your brand essence Your Brand Essence is how your customers connect emotionally to your brand. How your customers feel about you.  Understanding, defining and claiming your brand essence is the first step in Quazar's Brand Development Process. Insight

Marketing Strategy As much as we'd like it to be otherwise, marketing resources are not infinite. Are you  sure you're getting the maximum impact from your marketing activities? If not, why? An effective marketing strategy comes from a clear understanding of the business strategy, your

Helping you deliver Defining your go-to-market strategy means asking questions: What | Who | How | Why | When |  Let's talk about your product and services definition, your target market segmentation, your distribution channels. Understanding your message - your single-minded