Paul Cape heads up Quazar’s Human Capital team, leading the way in mentoring and coaching our clients, and is the brains behind our automotive work.

Paul’s love of all things fast and noisy started in childhood. Living in Germany, with a father in the air force, he was exposed to speed and German engineering from a young age. After university an ad caught his eye for Porsche salespeople, and he was swayed by the idea of a Porsche company car!

The energy to overcome challenges

The bug bit – “The industry is addictive”, he says. Having worked with premium brands such as Porsche and Mercedes Benz, he was a Dealer Principal by the age of 30, but discovered that he really wanted to make a difference at leadership level. At the time the UK was in a recession, and working with leaders able to energise those around them to overcome the challenges of the economic climate kickstarted his interest in coaching and development.

Leaving general management for the consulting game gave Paul the chance to make a difference across industries. His insight into what makes dealerships work best has helped many a DP and their teams reach their potential. Underlying this industry knowledge is an understanding of what makes people tick.

Investing in people

Paul says that dealerships often seem like a revolving door for salespeople. When one doesn’t work out, there’ll be another along in a minute. Leaders are not making the effort of investing time and resources into growing their people. This approach is not sustainable and not healthy for a team, a business or the industry. No business can afford to lose good people! Paul’s mission is to show business owners a new way to lead.

“Your business cannot succeed if you don’t take your people along with you, engaging with them on the journey. We’re still stuck in the 20th century mindset of leadership by fear – the carrot and the stick. We see outdated processes and methodologies in business today that have been the same since 1990. Technology may have added a layer of complexity but we’re still doing the same things expecting a different result.”

Paul’s focus is on engaging everyone in the team when building a business strategy and implementation plan, whether for an automotive dealership or an entirely different business.

Paul’s Favourites?

First car?
“A Renault 16 I bought in 1982 as a student. The cooling system didn’t work – you could only go 5 to 6 miles at a time before overheating. It got us from pub to pub in Cambridge though!”

All-time favourite car?
“The Porsche 959. At the time it came out, it created the next generation of Porsche cars that we know today. A 200mph luxury sports car that was actually driveable!”

If you could only choose ONE?
“I’d probably choose the Audi RS6. I had one in 2003, drove it at Le Mans while 3 guys were fast asleep in the back! It’s a sports car and a family station wagon – it does everything really well. One of my favourite brands.”


Paul will be popping up on the blog regularly, sharing his Automotive and People knowledge with us.

Get in touch with Paul to discuss how Quazar can help your dealership.