“Think and Grow Rich” – we have all heard about the book – most of us have read it – (if you haven’t its probably time you did!). There is so much in that book that it boggles the mind – and every time I read it I get inspired to implement a whole bunch of the ideas and concepts…Well that lasts about a week and my old bad habits set back in. I honestly don’t think I am alone in that!

Building a business takes consistency, discipline and action. However, you can do all this on a regular basis and literally spin your wheels if you don’t have one simple thing: A Vision – and no I don’t mean a vision written on your wall “we will be the best….xyz in the world. I see so much of that in every business I work in that its no wonder so many never achieve the greatness they are destined for.

A vision is an ”idea: a feeling: a truly deep inside expression of your greatest desire” if we really took the time and simply dived deep inside ourselves and explored what our own personal deepest vision is – the world would be a much happier place.

A company is really the same thing – it has a heart, it has a soul and deep inside it- it has it’s deepest desire it needs to express. If we find, expand and explore that, it becomes the very beacon against which every choice and decision is made, your Vision cannot just be words on a wall, It becomes the yardstick against which employees are hired: clients are attracted: products are determined: strategic direction is decided.

A vision can, and does, evolve and grow as the business grows, and it should. A vision should be the expression of the highest most desired state that you can currently imagine – by its nature it pulls you towards your destination. As you expand upon the journey to becoming your vision so you become more and hence, yes, your vision can and should expand and propel you further, higher and brighter.

Your Vision for yourself and your business – should be your dreams expressed – not what others expect or industry demands or standards set. It should be uniquely yours and powerfully yours. Dreams expressed as Vision are what changes the world…

What have you done about dreaming your vision?, your highest expression of your deepest desire.

This isn’t one of those things that you should put off to another day…. It is the very thing that drives your entire business – a single minded vision we can all see: feel: touch : understand : and connect with.

Go on – I dare you – Vision big!

And quite literally – if you think – you will grow rich… Energy follows Thought.

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