Quazar’s African Journey

Quazar has long-standing relationships with financial services clients in Africa, working with them on diverse projects from identity creation right through to major strategic, financial and operational initiatives. We are proud of our ability to roll up our sleeves and become involved in all aspects of the business, offering expertise, skills and insights to every corner of our clients’ business. We understand Africa and her people, and how to make African business work.

One of these diverse and multi-faceted projects was with a major Ghanaian financial institution, where we were called upon to develop an entirely new brand strategy in 6 weeks. During this transition, the organisation maintained 86% brand recognition. We also developed IPO communications and their new positioning strategy. In taking the IPO to market, we raised 20 million USD in the eight weeks after the rebrand.

We went on to facilitate their conversion from a financial services institution to a retail bank, developing their business strategy, product portfolio and operational processes. We also advised on their acquisition of an existing financial services institution, covered the question of “Why a full service retail bank?”, and developed an integration program  for their people, processes and products.

Facilitating change

Of course, a business is all about the people, and in times of change, Quazar is there to ease the transition – in this case we worked on an internal cultural integration program. Our insights into product development and segmentation were also required, including advising on a horizontal business extension into life insurance. We developed a Private Banking service product and laid the foundation for implementation.

Quazar answered the question for investors of “Why choose to invest here”. The client’s full story came to life in the minds of investors and this lead to the immense success of the initiative.

We pay attention to all aspects of our clients’ businesses, and what may start off as a relatively small project often ends up with a much wider scope, as we get to know our clients and their unique needs. We’re able to offer insight and recommendations far beyond “the usual”.

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