Africa is not a country.

Our continent is vast and diverse, from Cape Town to Cairo, Marrakesh to Maputo, we enjoy an incredible array of culture, tradition and language.

When it comes to expanding your business into Africa, these factors should be considered. One size really does not fit all.

Our 14 years of building business in Africa has taught us that the message, mechanics and even the imagery used across different markets need to be tailored specifically for the country, if your brand is to succeed. Your customers in Nigeria have different practical and even subconscious needs to those in Ghana or South Africa. Understanding the nuances of the region (and even within one country) in which you’re working is key. Banking in Africa is one area in which this is particularly true.

Unlocking the future

So what does the future of banking in Africa look like?  All roads lead to mobile banking. Experts from Bill Gates to Peter Schlebusch (IOL Business Opinion) point to this channel as an effective way to unlock the potential of the “unbanked” in Africa.

Enormous opportunities exist for transactional banking – if we do it right. African mobile banking needs to be flexible, agile and easy to access, with a focus on digital and retail partnerships.

Quazar’s own Leeanne Cape is at the forefront of building banks with lightweight frameworks, able to deliver results across various platforms – virtual and physical.

Leeanne says: “Creating a competitive advantage in banking in Africa means rethinking the delivery of services to reflect the retail experience modern African customers want.”

Redefining the delivery mechanism and ensuring a local message is the key to reaching your potential customers.  Competition in the sector is fierce – with 28 full service banks in Ghana alone (for a population of 26 million). Banks need to either find a niche market, or deliver better, more efficient service than the next one down the street.

Quazar creates legacies

This nuanced, intuitive knowledge is where Quazar excels. Our years of experience as a fully integrated consultancy working extensively in various African markets has allowed us to see the big picture. From building the vision of your brand, defining the strategy, creating the local message, involving the team and ensuring the right platforms, we guide our clients to build a long lasting legacy whatever they do.

Quazar has helped create banks (UT in Ghana, FCMB and Chapel Hill Denham in Nigeria, African Bank South Africa), Private Banks (UT Ghana, First Bank Nigeria) along with providing marketing communications for UT Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank, First Bank, Chapel Hill Denham, UniBank among others.

Let’s talk about how Quazar can help to build your African banking vision. Get in touch today.