Nahco Airport Free Trade Zone is  a first for Nigeria: a groundbreaking trade concept set to stimulate business growth and economic development in the region.

Quazar has been involved with this revolutionary project from the early days, most recently developing a Vision and a set of Values to help guide the team and the process as the business takes shape.

A full board meeting and strategic session was recently hosted by Quazar in Cape Town; the beautiful surroundings helping to inspire creative, forward-thinking discussion.

The extended Nigerian team and professionals from IDI in Ireland (experts in successful Free Trade Zone development) were in attendance.  A clear set of objectives emerged from this session, and actions were set in motion.

Quazar | Business & Brand Strategy


Quazar have developed the identity, logo, and collateral that will define the look and feel of the business as it becomes a reality.

The product offering is currently being developed; from there, Quazar will be instrumental in developing the go-to-market strategy and campaigns that will drive the success of the project.

As well as local and international research and facilitation of strategy sessions, Quazar has offered support in the definition of the company’s –

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Identity and Logo Development

The Free Trade Zone will create a new dynamic for central and west Africa – and we are delighted to contribute towards realising the vision.

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