Taking back the top spot

Our best and most fulfilling work often arises out of tangential conversations with clients who may be having challenges in other areas.

In this case, our client was a category definer in Ghana, but was losing market share to a new entrant. The brand was losing their longstanding number one spot. We worked with them to look closely at their vision for the company, also identifying operational issues. The outcome of this discovery process was a realisation that a major brand refresh and strategic brand repositioning was required.

We undertook the development and implementation of the new brand over several months, before turning our attention to product development. We aimed to drive innovation in the market and looked at alternative product designs and revenue streams. Our dealer development program was created to grow and drive revenue through the dealers, maximising their potential for success.

In the coming months we will be focusing on dealer management, implementation and measurement of marketing strategy, and running internal initiatives aimed at making our client a top 10 place to work.

All of our clients have challenges, whether strategic, marketing, brand or human in nature. Quazar has the expertise to address all of these aspects, without losing sight of the full picture of who our client is, and who they aim to become.

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