“With enough time and money, you can do anything”. So when we’re asked – can you do X? The answer is always pretty much YES. Barring restrictions imposed by the laws of physics (which we’ve been known to try and bend) – yes, yes we can.

The best part of working in tech is that first moment when you’re asked for something new, your eyes glaze over for a sec as you ponder possibilities. This can be disconcerting to others in the room as they worry you’ve had some sort of episode. Actually, the wheels are frantically turning and you’re already saying to yourself “Come on, there MUST be a way to do this!” or at least to do it better. There always is. That’s the job – to find that better way, to not only give the person asking what they want, but what they actually need.

Frustration with the way things currently work is always what drives change, learning and progress – in technology and out there in the real world.

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