2016 is definitely the “ Year that was”.  Brexit: Trump – an election that changed the nature of elections: Putin: Several amazing global talents died last year.  WOW – what an amazing world we live in – full of surprises and never a dull moment!

2017 is definitely the year that we as a people begin to “ Reap what we sow”.  Who knows what adventure lies ahead?Rather than expecting the worst, we as a team have decided we are going to Aspire to the higher ideals of humanity and believe in the essential goodness of all people.

What’s the alternative? Doom and Gloom – that doesn’t serve anyone – so we have decided to choose our optimism this year! The only thing we have direct control over is our thoughts and feelings about events – so again instead of choosing to step into fear and anxiety and conflict we are choosing wonderment, surprise and joy!

As a business 2016 was an amazing year in so many ways. We worked in fields that blew our minds, we achieved things we never knew we had in us. Our clients were amazing – they challenged us, supported us and together we changed both our worlds. I will always look back on 2016 as the year that we shattered our glass ceiling – our self imposed ceiling. The year that we challenged our own beliefs and truly astounded ourselves. I can say with deep appreciation and pride my team were AWESOME in 2016 and they carried the year! We have so much to be thankful for and over the next couple of months we will share some of these amazing stories with you – our valued partners, clients and friends.

2017 is the year of Becoming

2017 must be a year that we apply what we have learnt – individually, as a company, a nation and a world. What can we learn from last year – what have we become as a result of this journey and more important – what are we going to do with what we have become?

There is no higher purpose in life than to be of service. This year we as a team seek to commit to finding better, more effective ways in alignment with you, our clients, to be of service to you and your clients. We believe every one of us has a unique authentic voice; one that must be shared with the world.

Sometimes that voice is expressed as a collective – a brand –  sometimes as a business. Our job is to help you, our clients, find relevant and powerful ways to express that unique voice to your customers and in so doing grow your business!

As we begin this new year in earnest, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being in our world. Thank you for your support of our business and our team. We really do appreciate it!

2017 will become the year we make of it, so I leave you with this thought:

“ The best way to see the future – is to create it!”

Go forth and create magic this year!

Quazar | Business & Brand Strategy