That’s how Audi are describing their new Q7. And it’s a word that pretty much suits the vehicle in question.

Quazar were on hand to capture the launch of the new Audi Q7 to the national dealers, to create an internal video which would showcase the day in question.

Set at the Gerotek facility in Gauteng, Audi presented both informative and practical sessions to the dealers who were there over the period of more than a week. The practical part of the day being the most fun to watch and film, we saw the vehicle perform on skid pans, vertical climb and descent and finally off-road conditions. And boy, did it perform!

By partnering with the Video Lounge and making use of some great local talents (and aerial drones), Quazar proudly supplied an edited corporate video that showcased the Q7 in the best possible way. Dauntless!



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