• Sometimes out of the box wastes money – don’t do it just because its out of the box.
  • Understand the value:  the “why” of your product – if you express that your market will get you and stay with you.
  • Sometimes your market isn’t who you think it is – allow your customers to teach you about your own value. Learn to Listen!
  • Packaging is everything!
  • The strategy is critical but make sure you implement the strategy. Most often the strategy and implementation have no relation and you wonder why you failed!
  • We live in an age of information overload – choose your moments to engage carefully, make them count.
  • Create a moment for the memory book!


Speak to who I am – not what I am!

  • Marketing without meaning – has no long term survival.
  • In the age of removed relationships – find a way to connect with me as a person. Show real interest in me!
  • Your brand is no longer yours, it belongs to your customer – make sure they guide the ship well – always deliver on your promise!
  • Make sure you LOVE what you do, if you don’t it shows up in the brand experience!
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